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Q: How big are signature frames?
A: Signature frames are offered in two sizes. The larger signature picture frame is a 16”x20” frame that is matted to hold an 8”x10” photo. The smaller signature picture frame is 11”x14” and matted to hold a 5”x7” photo. Both signature frame sizes are interchangeable with a standard picture frame.

Q: What does a signature frame include?
A: Each signature picture frame includes a picture frame, glass, an engravable metal signature mat, a custom designed signature scribe, a microfiber polishing cloth, a practice piece, an engravable nameplate, and instructions. They are packaged in a retail ready, signature frame box.

Q: How many signatures can they hold?
A:  The 16”x20” signature mat and picture frame will hold up to about 200 signatures while the 11”x14” signature mat and picture frame will hold up to about 75 signatures.  Some people will write longer or larger than others so these numbers are only an approximation based on experience. When more people are at an event they tend to write smaller and use less space to allow room for more signatures. For events where fewer people attend, people often write larger and longer to fill more space. Unless the event is very small, couples will often only sign the signature mat once. In most cases, by the end of an event, the signature frame mat will be filled with signatures and messages regardless of how many people attend or the size of the frame.

Q: Is the scribe easy to use?
A: Yes, our custom designed signature scribe is as easy to use as a pen. We also include a signature mat practice piece with every order so that guests can try the scribe on the practice piece before engraving on the signature frame mat.

Q: Does the scribe use batteries or make noise?
A: The scribe is a custom designed manual engraving tool that does not need batteries or have any moving parts. It operates silently and easily so that it can be used during events without disrupting guests. We have specifically designed it to work best with our signature frames.

Q: Can the scribe be used on other items?
A: Though the scribes are designed to work best on our signature frames they can be used on some other metal surfaces, however, we do not recommend them for any use other than on our signature picture frame.

Q: What is a signature frame made of?
A: An EngraveFrames engravable signature picture frame is made from a wood finish MDF picture frame and fitted with real glass, a highly polished aluminum alloy signature mat and backing. In addition, it also includes our exclusive signature engraving scribe, a microfiber polishing cloth, a practice piece, instructions and an engravable nameplate.

Q: Can I use a different picture frame?
A: Yes, our engravable signature picture frame mats are made to fit standard picture frame sizes and can be placed in any similar sized picture frame.

Q: Will the signature frame mats tarnish?
A: Signature frame mats are made from an aluminum alloy and therefore have all the favorable material properties of aluminum.  They will not rust, tarnish, fade or discolor.

Q: How long will it take to receive our kit?
A: All signature frame orders are shipped within 2 weeks.  Most signature frame orders are shipped within 24 hours of being placed. Custom engraved orders may take up to 2 weeks.

Q: How do I care for my signature frame?
A: The EngraveFrames engravable signature picture frame can be easily cleaned with water and the included microfiber polishing cloth or a clean soft cloth. After the signature mat is complete with signatures it is recommended to wash it in warm, soapy water to remove any fingerprints before placing back in the picture frame. Do not use chemicals, sponges, or paper towels as they may scratch the surfaces of the signature mat. For best results air dry and lightly polish any water marks out with the included cloth.

Q: Can I have my signature frame personalized?
A: Yes. Each signature frame contains an engravable nameplate that can be brought to any local engraver and attached to the signature frame or signature mat once completed. In addition, we do offer personalized custom engraving directly on the signature mat for an additional charge.

Q: Will the signatures fade?
A: No, because the signatures are permanently engraved in the metal signature mat, with proper care, the signatures will last indefinitely.

Q: Are signature frames made in the USA?
A: Yes! EngraveFrames engravable signature frames are proudly supplied, manufactured and assembled entirely in the United States. We take great care to use domestic manufacturers and suppliers throughout every step of production.

Q: Do you offer wholesale sales?
A: Yes. Please contact us directly for wholesale prices. Follow this link to send us an email or set up a new account here. We will respond to new accounts with pricing as soon as possibl